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  1. Will Rivian add Tesla Superchargers into the map?

    This should all start to get better over time, as the NEVI funds start being used to actually build out networks. Those funds will require API access to better data for each station in a network.
  2. Will Rivian add Tesla Superchargers into the map?

    With an increasing number of options available, I really hope the built in map will show pricing if I look at a specific station.
  3. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    No apology necessary. I think nearly all of us agree that Rivian should do better with its customer communications. One compromise to mass emails for something like 12V plugs might be to be active in forums like this, Rivian Stories, and r/Rivian, and actually have regular updates posted...
  4. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    I think Speedrye is completely right. There's very little excuse for not updating the manuals and website to reflect the specific items that are changing. At least put a little asterisk next to them. My question was really an honest one. I wasn't trying to suggest that Rivian should keep their...
  5. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    Honest question: What would that communication look like that wouldn't be received even worse than a few random people on the internet noticing the removal of the 12V plugs? Is there a way for them to word that communication that wouldn't piss off every single customer, many of whom aren't on...
  6. Spotted: First Rivian RAN Charging Station location on East Coast! - Blowing Rock, NC

    OK, now I'm really curious how you get to Norfolk such that Blowing Rock is on the way! Hmm... I can see that argument. Does the charger's screen show different information than the vehicle screen while charging?
  7. Mississippi chooses franchise model over EV-company stores

    They want some cut of the sale $ going to someone in the state. The law actually seems far better than several other states'. Based on that Yahoo article, online direct sales are still legal. It just bans Tesla/Rivian/etc. from opening new physical "stores". It's a stupid rule, but at least it's...
  8. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    If you're running it from the armrest storage USB ports, I think those are only active while the Rivian is "on". I think that avoids any concern about vampire drain while the car is supposed to be "sleeping" for long periods. I don't know what the power requirements are for your particular...
  9. Spotted: First Rivian RAN Charging Station location on East Coast! - Blowing Rock, NC

    Thanks for the update! I still think they're installing the stations backward. I understand the logic of having the pedestal be parallel to the parking spot and on the left side of the spot, but the screen and cable should be facing the spot you're in, not the spot to the left.
  10. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    OK. that one's totally on me. I hadn't seen TheDude's comments and a few of the ones that spun off of that. I made the bad assumption that the one I responded to was an escalation related to my comments. There was a reason I thought this thread should be shut down or at least cleaned up. I knew...
  11. Non-streaming Music Sources?

    That's a total shame. There really should be some way to have it download a chunk of a playlist for offline availability.
  12. Non-streaming Music Sources?

    Random question about the current steaming options with Spotify and Tidal: do they store/buffer anything locally for extended periods away from cell service or are they pretty much only useful if you’re near a town or major highway (without any mountains in the way of cell towers)? I’d love...
  13. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    [Edited to remove off-topic discussion] I do think power under the dash is very useful for wanting to plug something in and leave it in that lower storage area or to have a phone plugged in while using it for alternative navigation. I prefer 12V but even if they just put 2 USB-C ports with good...
  14. All those unusable/broken charging stations...

    Your bad take isn't that there are a lot of crappy CCS chargers out there or that drivers need to be better. I agree with all of that. It's the way you frame it as some sort of inherent flaw with CCS. That's not it. Aside from the size of the connector, there is nothing about CCS that is...
  15. All those unusable/broken charging stations...

    You continue to amaze me with new bad takes on charging. CCS developed to compete with Tesla?! Continuing to act like there’s a single “NACS” charger anywhere on earth?! Talking like CCS is anything more than a connector and a mandate that users of that connector implement communications...
  16. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    Did a chat with CS to ask to have my account flagged as flexible on configuration, but I don't think there's actually any such flag. They said, sure, we'll make a note. Doubt it has any effect whatsoever on getting access to the R1S Shop. I suspect it's largely random, with some component of...
  17. Pelican/Roam type Rugged Case Organizers

    If you really want something indestructible, there's always the Yeti GoBox line that comes in 3 sizes and does have some internal organization. They're $$$ because they're Yeti, but we have the original version of the 30, given as a gift, and it's very stout and dust and water proof.
  18. 12 volt frunk power outlet is back! > in my just-delivered 2023 R1T (mid 18000 VIN)

    Probably a stupid question, but does that mean there would be no power available to the dash except for the OBD II port? There aren't any USB-C ports there, right?
  19. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Thanks for the update! If you run into them again by chance, ask if they know where the station will be in Cherokee. That one is on the "soon" list but we have no idea where it's going.
  20. Rivian Chief Engineer Leaves and Returns to McLaren

    What exactly was his role at Rivian? People are talking about him in this thread as if he was the one who designed the suspension system, but that LinkedIn clip shows all software work in the past. Doesn't seem to me like he designed the suspension hardware. Maybe he did the tuning software?