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  1. ranieri

    R1T pulling semi (38,000 lbs) stuck in snow

    I just came across this video on TikTok of an R1T pulling a semi out of a snowy ditch. This is absolutely crazy. Update: I did some digging and found the rivian owner. He posted this video. It says the semi weighed 38,000 lbs. Youtube:
  2. ranieri

    After two and a half weeks with my R1S...

    ...I am absolutely amazed by this vehicle. The instant acceleration and torque are intoxicating. The handling around corners at high speed seems to break the laws of physics. The style is unique, aggressive yet friendly. The Meridian sound system has me wanting to re-listen to all of my old...
  3. ranieri

    First R1S problem so far -- low pressure windshield fluid

    I haven't had the need to clean my windshield and use the windshield washer fluid until yesterday. When I tried it just kind of dribbled out. It never made it to the windshield. Anyone else have this issue? Everything else about the car is perfect so far!
  4. ranieri

    The wait ended today... R1S delivered after 846 days of waiting!

    After 846 days of waiting, today was the day my launch green R1S was delivered. Honestly, the car seems damn near perfect. Panel gaps are consistent. Bolts are tight. The only issue I found after careful scrutiny was the plastic trim around the driver side rear wheel well. It was slightly loose...
  5. ranieri

    Anyone else get "none currently available" for specialist delivery?

    I just got the "Your Rivian is ready for delivery" email. But when I tried to schedule delivery by a Field Specialist, the page said there were none currently available. The other option is to have it delivered by a flatbed with no walk-through. Does anyone have input about either experience...
  6. ranieri

    Unresponsive guide

    I started my 8 steps last Thursday, Dec 22nd, and reached out to my guide via SMS. He never responded. Reached out again on Monday, still no response. It's now Wednesday afternoon. Is this typical for guide response? Is it just slow due to the holidays? Do I have a dud guide? I also uploaded...
  7. ranieri

    Musk's twitter problem a boon for Rivian sales? [***NO POLITICS***]

    Is Elon Musk's disastrous takeover of twitter going to be a detriment to Tesla sales and therefor helpful to rivian and other electric manufacturers? Seems likely... https://www.thewrap.com/elon-musk-tesla-twitter-maga/
  8. ranieri

    Buying property near a service center for faster delivery

    I posted this on another thread but figured it might be better to give the topic its own thread. I have seen a bunch of people mention (half joking I think) that they want to buy property near a service center to get faster delivery of their vehicle. Many years back, I came across a service...
  9. ranieri

    Wrecked my family car (pics), buying a new car

    So my wife is ok, but she was driving alone in our VW Atlas when she totaled it in a collision with a driver who tried to beat a red light. Now I have to get a new family car. I was expecting to ride out the Atlas until the R1S arrived. On Thursday, the same day the email came notifying me that...
  10. ranieri

    Quality PPF installer in north CT or south MA?

    Can anyone recommend a quality shop to install PPF (and window tint) in northern CT or southern MA? I'm in Windsor CT.
  11. ranieri

    Rivian R1T Can Now Charge At Up To 500 Amps With New Software Update

    https://insideevs.com/news/581819/rivian-r1t-500a-charging-software-update/amp/ Looks like we get a slightly faster charge on the first half, not a big deal, but an incremental improvement. Cool to see they can make these types of changes with just a software update.
  12. ranieri

    Jeep Selling Electric Wrangler (Magneto) in 2023 and SUV in 2024

    The prototype goes 0-60 in 2 seconds! https://www.thestreet.com/.amp/technology/jeep-has-an-april-surprise-for-tesla-ford-rivian-and-gm
  13. ranieri

    weathertech floor mats

    I've been a fan of Weathertech floor mats for a long time. I've installed them in every car I've owned for probably 15 years or more. And after seeing the all-weather mats from Rivian, I inquired to Weathertech customer service about their timeline for producing their mats for rivian. Here's the...