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  1. New FHWA standards for EV charging funds

    For the super nerdy people in the room, here's the FHWA minimum standard rule for NEVI and other federal funds: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/nevi/resources/ev_charging_min_std_rule_fr.pdf And here are some news stories from the Joint Office, including the one about the new rule as well...
  2. (EV) Alternative Fuel Corridor Round 6 Nominations

    I hadn't seen this until now, but FHWA announced the Round 6 EV corridor designations. This is important because corridor designation is part of the process for states to get federal funds (including those from the bipartisan infrastructure law's NEVI program). The "ready" corridors already meet...
  3. Plugshare and RAN & Rivian Waypoints

    I sent a feature suggestion to Plugshare to add the RAN and Rivian Waypoints as "networks" that can be filtered like they have for EA, EVGo, Tesla Superchargers and Tesla Destination chargers, among others. Here's their, IMO, disappointing response:
  4. Watch Rivian's Georgia factory announcement (WXIA 11 - local NBC)

    https://www.11alive.com/watch?vid=2f8aea74-14e1-4a99-816e-db16ac7b85f9 Announcement from Governor Kemp coming up at 4pm EST.
  5. Official Rivian Portable Charger Guide

    I think this got lost in the excitement over the R1T manual, but the manual/guide for the Portable Charger was also posted. Portable Charger Guide
  6. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    The link below is to a Google Map that I have created with 3 layers. It is pretty raw right now, so I'll put all the information about it first. The link should stay good even as I try to polish things up over time. I also can't promise that it will always be up to date. If Rivian changes...