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  1. Orvis Tough Trail Hammock Seat Protector installed

    I would be curious how these would work in the third row.
  2. Can Rivian give up on Alexa yet?

    Never been a big fan of any voice assistant in car. Infiniti, BMW, Audi, MB etc etc all have had crappy implementations of this. If I want the temp at 70, will just change it myself.
  3. All those unusable/broken charging stations...

    There are a few things here to consider: 1. YouTubers are a joke and just want clicks 2. Don't run your battery down to 10% and run around looking for a charge. When you hit 25-30% plan on charging 3. Get a home charger if possible, do it now don't wait 4. Charging is more prevalent than most...
  4. Rivian Lettering Vinyl Cutout on Front Lightbar + R1S in Stealth PPF Wrap

    No thanks but it is an interesting take, just not my taste at all
  5. How expensive is your registration?

    I believe in NJ it was like $200, but we don't have the 'based on vehicle costs registration like Cali'. That isn't new it was like that 18 years ago when I lived there, always was expensive.
  6. The best EA station in the U.S.???

    Our trip to Boston (about 300 miles door to door and then 3 days of local college tours) had 3 EA stopes, all were really good and worked well. Even got 350kw stations all 3 times, the R1S hit 210 with no problems. Now the EA station closer to home by the Freehold Mall in NJ is pathetic. The...
  7. Bricked Rivian in depth (Now You Know Channel)

    Wait another YouTuber who wants to jump on the 'My title will get me clicks' bandwagon..... Can't wait to not watch that crap.
  8. opnwide's Frozen Silver Bullet R1S is here--Party in the Frunk! (w/ video of full size spare tire in cargo)

    Best review I have seen in a long time and one of the few YouTuber voices I can listen too......
  9. 1 week in and in LOVE, but not without some quirks - my R1T delivery summary and initial thoughts!

    Two things about the 'At Home' settings. First is gear guard can be turned off so it doesn't use energy and the vehicle can be set to not lock. If it is in a garage it doesn't matter. I agree that sport mode on the 22s is rough, but hey that is sport mode.
  10. My Rivian completely dead from ~40% vampire drain after a month long vacation

    One more thing. I have never been in this situation but if you left an ICE vehicle for a month with no interaction would the battery die? Isn't that why collectors use those chargers that connect to the wall to keep the battery in good health.
  11. My Rivian completely dead from ~40% vampire drain after a month long vacation

    Interesting issue and it would be great to understand how it can be resolved without a tow. I have left my R1S in the garage for a few days and maybe lost 1-2% over 3-4 days.

    Just did a 300 mile trip to Boston with mine, using the Rivian nav to find chargers, restaurants, the hotels and more no issues at all. Maybe I should be looking for something more obscure than that to stump it.
  13. Charging Issue

    Yes did a reboot and it charged after that but now that didn’t help at all. Wouldn’t the onboard charger also impact dc fast charging.
  14. Charging Issue

    Anyone encountered an issue where level 1/2 charger doesn't work only DC Level 3? My at home juicebox was working fine for the first 3 weeks. We went to our Boston trip, used Level 3 on the road and came back, plugged in and it no longer worked. I rebooted the R1S and it worked fine, woke up...
  15. Boston and back in our R1S

    The app does say whether or not the charger is available but to be honest the market of which charger that represents when you arrive is terrible. I have seen chargers light up green but they don't actually work. They should be red. Overall my EA experience has been fine, of the 6 EA...
  16. Boston and back in our R1S

    The guys who ceramic coated the car provided me with their photos, done by their team,. Looks amazing. The lemon condom is always an interesting touch. The EA charger at 449 Canal Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 02145 allowed for 3 hours of parking for free. Great little area to go eat but...
  17. Boston and back in our R1S

    I would recommend that place of Ramsay's anyway. Was great
  18. R1S wheel/tire options

    We went with the 22s, but with the bright finish. Love them. Now we don't get snow like you do but earlier this week drove 300 miles home from Boston during that snow storm, not a single issue at all.
  19. Cybertruck Latest "Beta" Prototype gets up close look inside and out at Tesla Investor Day

    Have yet to see a single picture that makes me want to buy this thing. The design is just bad.