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  1. Dark-Fx

    Rivian Elevation audio system - in house design change began February 2023?

    So I happened across this support article that describes a change Rivian implemented in Feb 2023 on new vehicles but I haven't seen any other information posted about this anywhere on the forums. https://rivian.com/support/article/what-can-you-tell-me-about-rivian-s-in-house-designed-audio-system
  2. Dark-Fx

    IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    It was pointed out to me that the IRS changed their 2022 page about the transition rule. It appears as though they expect anyone claiming the tax credit under the transition rule to claim the credit against their 2022 taxes...
  3. Dark-Fx

    Exceeding rated fording depth

    Anyone know or care to guess what problems the Rivian has if you go into water that's too deep?
  4. Dark-Fx

    Charge port door glitch

    Last night my Rivian was doing it's typical "not wanting to charge" after my wall charger's schedule goes active. I usually just tell the wall charger to reboot and the Rivian will pick it up after that, but last night it didn't work. Apparently what happened was the charge port decided to try...
  5. Dark-Fx

    GOAT Fabrication Rock Sliders

    I've been working with GOAT Fab (used to be ACE Engineering before they sold the company) on sliders for my R1T. I know the market is pretty flooded with them right now, but it was nice to have some input on the end result here, and they have been great to work with. Only have a slider on the...
  6. Dark-Fx

    "Low" regen in AP bug

    I haven't figured out how to reproduce this. Somehow I ended up in AP with regen on low. If I click the regen button it would display high and standard with neither option selected. It happened after playing around on an articulation ramp in rock crawl, tried to change mode out of off-road...
  7. Dark-Fx

    "Ultra Rare" Rivian color combinations

    All, I'm trying to find the information about production numbers for various color/interior combinations, and I'm unable to find anywhere Rivian has published this information. I know there were certain color combinations that ended up orphaned and cancelled because they had so few people taking...
  8. Dark-Fx

    Rivian should focus on features that set them apart from the rest of the industry, not AA/CP.

    I'll try to keep my whining about your whining about no AA/CP to this thread moving forward. I'll link in threads that annoy me to not clutter the other threads. Other people are welcome to do the same thing and additionally clutter this thread. If you don't want to see this thread pop up in...
  9. Dark-Fx

    Official Rivian Email: Max Pack updates planned for February

    Have to say I'm getting real sick of these "update that we're going to update you later" emails.
  10. Dark-Fx

    2023 Rivian EPA Numbers published on official website

    I know Rivian has shown these new numbers in the configurator for a bit now, but they just started showing up on the EPA website late yesterday for the 2023 model year.
  11. Dark-Fx

    Official Rivian R1S Tent Guide

    I just happened to see that this had been posted. Ironic that I didn't see it until after they are making people take the Adventure Gear off their orders. It looks like the tent uses the standard Yakima hardware, but I don't have one so I'm not 100% sure on that...
  12. Dark-Fx

    ChatGPT responds

    So I asked ChatGPT " Write a short article for Rivian removing adventure gear from everyone's orders and put a positive spin on it. " and this is what it came up with. Has anyone actually seen Tony in person?
  13. Dark-Fx

    Official Rivian Email: Updates on Purchasing Adventure Gear -- Certain products will no longer be available in the configurator

    I think we should be fighting this change because it implies that the Adventure Gear warranty is no-more.
  14. Dark-Fx

    When Rivian service takes longer than I expected...

    We're planning a short camping trip this weekend again. Past two have been without the Rivian and I was hoping to have it back by now. Ground tents kinda suck to use once you get used to the rooftop tent. Just had to see if I could make this work. Seems plenty sturdy. Of course this means Rivian...
  15. Dark-Fx

    Who is excited about the Eletre?

    Somewhat relevant since they are having an official reveal tomorrow. I've always liked Lotus's designs but was never in a situation to afford them before, and I'm guessing that's still going to be true after tomorrow. https://www.lotuscars.com/en-US/eletre/
  16. Dark-Fx

    Does this Rivian patent demonstrate Max Pack module positioning?

    I was looking through Rivian's patents and I happened to notice this nice illustration that seems to indicate what I had assumed about the max pack. That the extra 12th module would have to be stacked above the rest of the pack, under the rear seat...
  17. Dark-Fx

    Preconditioning doesn't pull power from the wall?

    We've had 40 degree weather the past couple days and today was the first time I remembered to hit the cabin heat before heading out to the vehicle. I checked my wall charger to see what the Rivian was pulling from the wall and it said 0.00 kW. I'm a bit disappointed to see that they are using...
  18. Dark-Fx

    Adjusting loose cargo rail attachments?

    I've noticed that a couple of my cargo rails seem to be coming a little bit loose on my truck after having the tent and awning on it for a couple months. Anyone take them apart to try to adjust the strength of the attachment points? All I can find in the manual is suggesting Rivian service do...
  19. Dark-Fx

    E-mail from Rivian 9/30 announcing Key Band delivery

    Looks like they finally intend on sending the keyband to me. Only 6 months late. Instructions are here: https://assets.rivian.com/2md5qhoeajym/6JDkWTDW1UvmpfWiCrOVoW/f03c7cdd0a1539f75848bc68f65322ff/Key_Band_Activiation_Guide.pdf