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  1. PeterSK

    Boston area R1S?

    A week or two ago I saw a beautiful R1S heading west on Kirkland St in Cambridge. I think it was El Cap, hard to tell exactly in the dusk. It was my first R1S sighting in the area, though I’ve seen the occasional R1T since early summer. I live in Cambridge and am trying to recover my nonprofit...
  2. PeterSK

    Tesla owner since 2013 feeling drawn into Rivian orbit...

    Hi all, I've been a Tesla owner, shareholder and fan since I picked up my Model S85 (#6006) in early March 2013. Had an X, 3 and Y since then, and still have my 2016 X P90D (#661) and Model Y. I run an annual fundraising Tesla raffle for a Boston-based climate nonprofit, Climate XChange. This...