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  1. Tire wear condition at 15k miles, 10 months (photos)

    Well, on the bright side, if all tire mfg know that Rivians eat through tires, maybe there will be more options, since the owners are buying tires more frequently..
  2. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    I’ve gotta say that this is a ridiculous place to have a 12V outlet. No wonder its been deleted. The right thing to do is to have the plug at the base or somewhere where you can easily access it. I’ve never had a radar detector, but often thought of getting one. There is nothing wrong with...
  3. Rivian’s Normal Plant Has More Than 7400 Employees

    ...and all 7400 is happy as $hit, right??? Productivity of Tesla is world class. Rivian not so much. After couple of banter with @Guy, this is what you come back with? EVERY factory in the world has unhappy workers and they all have accidents/injuries. Because it Tesla, it hits the media and...
  4. Registration Renewal Fee's (California)

    OMFG, you must be one of those people who voted for higher gasoline tax in the couple of elections ago... Glad you want to pay more taxes. Please donate to FTB. If you truly believe CA highways are bad, clearly you have not driven across the country...
  5. Rivian Lettering Vinyl Cutout on Front Lightbar + R1S in Stealth PPF Wrap

    I'm thinking of removing R I V I A N on the back. Certainly do not want to add to it. I know what I'm (actually, I will be...still waiting) driving without adding to it.
  6. Any guess at the wait time for an R1S??

    Keep in mind that many preorder people have either changed to R1T (couldn't wait anymore) or cancelled. And the current push to massively deliver R1Ts over the next four months will induce more people to switch from the SUV to the truck. The backlog for R1S is still high but they are...
  7. [Electrek] Tesla walks away from public funding for Superchargers because of payment system integration

    Its only $6m and is not worth the hassle of having to integrate the payment system as you noted, and CA wants 50% of the stations to be CCS. Federal funding is significantly larger and do not expect any delay or impact as the result of walking away from the state funded program.
  8. Amazon and Rivian negotiating end of exclusivity agreement for EDV Electric Delivery Van

    We agree... Its the 17% that Amazon has to keep writing it down (mark to market) each quarter as $RIVN share price drops that hit Amazon balance sheet.
  9. Spare tire option -- thoughts on this one?

    I have Modernspare for my Model 3. I had looked up if they made one for Rivian but they did not when I'd checked. I see that they do now - great. My Model 3 came with spacesaver spare wheel+tire, jack and the spare cover. I had to buy the pucks for Model 3 in addition. The spare for...
  10. Amazon and Rivian negotiating end of exclusivity agreement for EDV Electric Delivery Van

    If it hasn't been mentioned already, the fear is that Amazon will reduce their Rivian stock holdings the way Ford did. WS is reading between the lines of reduced delivery commitment for 2023 and willingness to renegotiate exclusivity. While getting rid of exclusive arrangement sounds a plus...
  11. CANOO news....

    Ride along video in their passenger van.
  12. New R1S owner (former Model Y owner) in Flagstaff, AZ

    The seat base height on Rivian is much higher than MY. If you lower the seat base to the low setting (and adjust pitch on the base seat as well as the seat back), and if you can comfortably sit and drive with the proper viewing angles, then the hood is not noticeable. I did not notice the...
  13. Thousands of invites coming to R1T reservation holders to configure + take delivery in 1-4 months after order confirmation (3/10/23 News)

    Most likely that Rivian has filled most of preordered Ts (that they are willing to deliver near SC) and have excess supply of components inventory. Since the S is lagging T by 9~12 months, in real terms, we won't see anything like it for at least 6 more months, if ever. They will have had time...
  14. Adam Jonas (Morgan Stanley): Cybertruck could end up just being a ‘side-show’

    If you're comment is based on this video and an independent CFD run, the result is completely inconsistent with what really happens. The entire modeling is flawed because it lacks moving ground and wheels. Having working in WT tests - both aircraft and road vehicles - non moving ground and...
  15. Adam Jonas (Morgan Stanley): Cybertruck could end up just being a ‘side-show’

    Where did Cd=0.39 come from? Franz has never designed a vehicle with such a high Cd in the past (Mazda or Tesla).
  16. Lightship Electric RV Trailer: travel trailer with solar panels and a self-propulsion system

    Here is another from Airstream. Don't have much details or cost... https://www.motor1.com/news/656372/airstream-concept-travel-trailer-debut/
  17. American National Insurance experience?

    Have you tried Costco insurance? Its Connect. We have never been able to get a lower rate anywhere else for the same coverage in SoCal. We have 4 cars and hour home through them. When we get our R1S, we'll add it to the policy.
  18. Hitch Mounted Cargo - Impacts?

    You are correct. Any rooftop, no matter how aerodynamically shaped it is, will add drag to the vehicle. The frontal area increases, and your drag coefficient is also increased from base separation from the rooftop storage box. If there is a tear drop shaped storage box, then it probably will...
  19. California DMV Registration Renewal

    We are taxed to death in CA. I call it the weather tax for the privilege to live near the coast. You probably know this already but just in case. Do you live in the area for SCE or SDG&E? If SDG&E, there is TOU-EV5 that has super off-peak (00.00~06.00 wk, 00.00~14.00 wknd) at $0.10/kW/h...
  20. Rivian to raise $1.3B from sale of bonds. Premature?

    That statement was in the context of well into the future. Not 7 days after the earnings call. I fully expected Rivian to offer secondary and debt as we go along. My point is the timing of the announcement. The fact that this was announced just 7 days after the earnings call means that it...