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  1. What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    Tidal should allow album browsing by artist. Seems like a real no-brainer.
  2. 2023.10.0 software update OTA released. Includes Tesla Supercharger network option and 12v battery draining issue fix

    Is it actually confirmed that the Driver+ hardware changed over time? That would be very surprising because would make software very hard to accommodate two systems. Several posts back someone incorrectly said that 2023.6.5 was only pushing to vehicles with older Driver+ hardware -- which isn't...
  3. Anyone tried a 1UP hitch rack on an R1S

    Thanks Brian, exactly what I was looking for!
  4. Anyone tried a 1UP hitch rack on an R1S

    Has anyone tried installing a 1UP hitch rack on an R1S? I'm concerned about needing an extender. There is a great thread about the Kuat 2.0 NV but haven't been able to track down real-world experience on the 1UP. Mainly considering the Super Duty but Equip D info also helpful. Thanks.
  5. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    This forum has a real "I just want to vent at someone random" vibe sometimes.
  6. R1T D-Day (R1S as Far as the Eye Can See)

    Congrats! The South SF center was also swamped with vehicles. They have an overflow lot now. Saw R1S in just about every color.
  7. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I grabbed the Limestone/FE/21" that had been in the Nor Cal shop over the weekend (everything I wanted but the wheels). Picked it up yesterday and the person doing our walk through said that they had a lot of extra inventory from people that switched over to dual motor or max pack, wanted to get...
  8. Rivian Elevation audio system - in house design change began February 2023?

    I got my R1S this morning. 2023 with a VIN just shy of 5000 (which the guy said resets every year BTW). Has the Meridian system and also a 12V in the frunk. Was told I got lucky.
  9. Finally... welcomed my Rivian Blue R1S beast after 1567 days!

    I've been seeing one around the neighborhood and the blue is really dynamic. I think it looks best with some clouds, definitely bright in the sun (though less aggressive than the Ford Mach-E blue). Awesome looking truck!
  10. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I think mine was set up so that if I picked a launch I had to pay for the wheel upgrade. And for some reason the adventure I selected was $300 less than a launch with the same config.
  11. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I was granted shop access yesterday as well, but now my configurator has moved to "processing estimate." Anyone else in the same boat?
  12. R1S vs BMW iX vs Mercedes EQS

    If you were open to the XC40 then you may want to check out the Lyriq. Those were the two we narrowed it down to for my wife's car. The XC40 was very nice and actually a blast to drive, small and very quick. Too small, though, for our family. And you're right that the interior is nice but not...
  13. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery (Now Jan-Feb or Feb-Mar 2023)

    Hmmmmm. So then the January delays weren't about color/wheel configurations, they just moved back quad motor preorders in bulk to prioritize the dual motor option for later preorders.
  14. Cadillac Lyric - first impression

    We narrowed it down to the Lyriq and XC40 Recharge to replace my wife's old Prius that is dead in our driveway. The XC40 is really fun to drive, very snappy and responsive. Interior was fine. Nice, but dated, especially the screen. And it's a little tight. We managed to buy a Lyriq yesterday...
  15. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    NOT SOON ENOUGH! (Sorry, I'm in peak bitter mode right now because we're about to pull the trigger on another vehicle that is available now.)
  16. I've given up

    I just got pushed back a year. Yeah, I'm pissed about it. Not sure how that could be so shocking to anyone, even though Rivian delays are not unexpected at this point. But not the end of the world, probably buying something else and then deciding on the R1S sometime in 2027 or whenever they...
  17. FOREST EDGE Rivian Interior Photos

    I was following this one closely on Cars and Bids. The seller is probably a mile or two away. Congrats!
  18. Rivian E-Bike aspirations revealed by trademark filing?

    Well yes, they are, but this is also just prudent IP protection. They should file all sorts of intent-to-use applications.
  19. Rivian E-Bike is Coming. RJ Tells Staff Electric Bike in Development

    These are pretty much the coolest thing ever: https://candela.com/
  20. Rivian E-Bike is Coming. RJ Tells Staff Electric Bike in Development

    Total waste of time if this is bicycles. This market is completely saturated. Presumably -- to fit the Rivian ethos -- they'll try the MTB space. But all of the high end MTB makers are already making fantastic eMTBs, and people who buy those would view a Rivian bike as a gimmick.