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  1. Nervous about Rivian purchase as date draws nearer

    I feel like if Rivian went under, the value of vehicles might actually go up. They’re that good. IMHO.
  2. Wheel spacers for OEM wheels

    I did the math based on how many turns my lug nuts went on, and determined I could only use 6mm spacers to keep acceptable thread engagement without needing much larger spacers with new studs. I’ve heard these 5mm spacers fit, but probably won’t do much to improve look...
  3. Wind depresses hood

    Wonder if this can be installed by mobile service…. Thanks for the pics.
  4. R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I just got access to the shop today, and also changed to “Processing Estimate” at the same time? Related? Since I have shop access, I am guessing this is not the “really good” processing estimate?
  5. 1ev running boards or sliders?

    This is not (likely) exactly true. The sliders (as shown so far) have a straight outboard edge. The running boards have a bit of a curve / sweep to the outside edge. Also, the running board step panels are bolted on. In the most recent pics / videos, the slider panels are welded. Minors...
  6. A lot of R1Ts just appeared in the shop, including some Launch Green.

    That’s a sweet spec and a great deal. LG + OC is going to be glorious.
  7. Steering wheel noise when extending/telescoping

    Mine does this. Pretty loud and disconcerting .
  8. Off-Road Package and Tire Decisions - HELP

    20s by far. They’re a 34” tire vs 33” for 21s and 22s.
  9. Tested 35" tires on the R1T - for offroading / overlanding

    Any initial updates on range / how you’re liking the 285/65R20 Outpost AT?
  10. Truck Bed Decal - Now Available

    :crying: In a very worst case scenario, I can safely dispose of a set for you, just let me know the packaging and shipping costs, I’m sure they could be quite high, freight is pricey these days :cool:
  11. Truck Bed Decal - Now Available

    Please tell me this doesn’t affect the matte black tailgate / side emblems? since those are just random collections of plastic letters…. please!
  12. Tested 35" tires on the R1T - for offroading / overlanding

    No rubbing on lowest? Very curious if you notice any range impact with these, just a hair bigger and wider than OEM but look great.
  13. Rivian 20" Aero Covers

    Just get the brights or darks if you want aero covers on 20” :rock:
  14. Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    Any update on when we can expect production slider pictures @BrookeRRiv @EV Sportline ?
  15. Which is better? constant 70% vs up & down btw 70% - 20% ?

    My understanding is A is better.