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  1. Can Rivian give up on Alexa yet?

    I finally had a chance to test drive the R1S. My estimated delivery date is rapidly approaching. The test drive was the final nail in the coffin. I'm going to buy the Rivian and immediate sell it to a friend. I'm going to stick with my 2023 BMW which has Android Auto, physical buttons for...
  2. Can Rivian give up on Alexa yet?

    Right... You can do everything you need to without Alexa... If you don't mind taking your eyes off the road to click through pointless touchscreen menus that could have been negated if Rivian had only implemented a useful voice assistant. I shouldn't have to choose between pulling over or...
  3. My Rivian completely dead from ~40% vampire drain after a month long vacation

    Serious question... How is it possible you consistently go so long without driving your cars? Do you intentionally buy EVs just to let them collect dust? In your examples, you let 4 cars sit for a combined total of 12-24 months. That's a lot of time with your cars spent parked. Do you have...
  4. IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    As mentioned in the post right after your comment, you should have received an email explaining the process. You were supposed to download it, print it, and sign it in "wet ink." I never claimed you had to mail it back. You were supposed to sign it and save it for your tax records so you could...
  5. IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    Correct. That's the date Rivian signed it. Any contract is valid only once all parties have signed. It doesn't matter when Rivian signs a contract if you don't sign it too. A preprinted date is only useful if the buyer actually signed it, which this person did not do.
  6. IRS Transition rule guidance changed

    No... Whatever you do don't just sign it when filing. As stated in the email, you were supposed to print it out and sign it last summer then save a copy for your records. If you sign it now, or any time after 8/16/22, it's a completely useless piece of paper because the binding contract (or...
  7. For those who got R1S (or R1T) at original approximately $78k would you buy one for new price of approximately $93k?

    I think your definition of "inferior product" is just different than the person you're trying to engage in your posts. You clearly want a vehicle you can show off to the neighborhood kids by drag racing at stoplights and going mudding. If you want the fastest truck/suv then sure the Rivian...
  8. CarPlay discussion with Rivian CS: company is working with Apple and it's a priority

    Even iDrive7 supports maps in the HUD and gauge cluster... At least it does for Android Auto. I don't have experience with Carplay. I have a 2023 BMW with the most current version of iDrive7. I could potentially take delivery of my R1S this summer, but the UI and software in the Rivian would be...
  9. "Rivian orders placed after 20% price hike appear to jump the line"

    My pre-price hike order moved up several months, so my order doesn't fit the picture painted by the MSN article. I probably won't even buy it now though, so Rivian will come out ahead by selling it for full price to someone else when I pass.
  10. Musk's twitter problem a boon for Rivian sales? [***NO POLITICS***]

    Aka the the CEO of the only company that would have access to the raw data. Now if some other source reported this data without Twitter verifying it... Then I would understand your skepticism.
  11. Musk's twitter problem a boon for Rivian sales? [***NO POLITICS***]

    Precisely my point. Musk has been polarizing for quite some time, but there are more than enough Elon fans and Tesla supporters to keep Tesla growing for now to counteract any negative publicity he generates.
  12. Musk's twitter problem a boon for Rivian sales? [***NO POLITICS***]

    What do you mean? If you mean is it being reported by third parties? The answer is yes. If you asking where the data is coming from... Of course it's coming from Twitter. Where else would any 3rd party get access to the number of Twitter memberships? It would have to come from Twitter...
  13. Musk's twitter problem a boon for Rivian sales? [***NO POLITICS***]

    Tesla stock is slightly up over the last 5 day, and Rivian stock is down. The media is 100% fueling this hysteria about Elon Musk's behavior supposedly harming Twitter. Contrary to what the news would have you believe, people aren't running from Twitter or Tesla. New Twitter memberships are...
  14. Electric Porsche Macan EV SUV preliminary stats released

    Thanks for the post! I'm somewhat interested in the Macan EV. I think that 314 mile range was a typo. The article you linked states the range has not been released but that they anticipate it to be at least 300 miles. That's no guarantee though. If the Macan can deliver > 300 mile range and...
  15. R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    Doesn't conserve mode place the Rivian in front wheel drive? If Rivian figured out how to disengage the rear wheels to temporarily allow front wheel drive, why can the front wheels not also be disengaged in a similar fashion? Are the front motors somehow different than the rear motors?
  16. Infotainment upgrade?

    Don't you think it will take several years for Rivian to make an infotainment system that competes with the best ones currently on the market? I suspect that by the time Rivian fine tunes their system into a somewhat competitive product, most people will have already traded in and upgraded...
  17. Charging behavior on 39.1+ Breaker tripping?

    This is going to be a problem with your electric circuit, not the truck. Even if the charging protocol of the truck was messed up in the last update, it still wouldn't trip a breaker in your scenario. The EVSE rated at 48 amps shouldn't pull more than 48 amps regardless of what the truck tells...
  18. Who is excited about Cybertruck?

    Why? The F250 is far bigger than the Cybertruck, especially with an 8 ft bed and length of 266". That's 2.5 feet longer than the Cybertruck. Heck even the F150 with a 6.5 ft bed is bigger than the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck is not nearly as big as people make it out to me.
  19. Interesting interaction with Rivian CS today - delivery window feature in account seems to be on track

    Can't you take the tax rebate on both trucks in 2022? That's the way it used to work, and I've done it before. There may be a new rule I'm not aware of. Edit: Nevermind. I see in the rules you can only claim 1 per year under the new rebate rules.
  20. Who is excited about Cybertruck?

    Those are 2 door trucks. Compare the crew cab F150s for an apples to apples comparison. In order to get an F150 the length of a Cybertruck, you have to choose the shorter 5.5 ft bed. If you want an F150 with a comparable cab and bed to the Cybertruck, you would have to buy a crew cab with...