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  1. jjswan33

    Oregon FS: IKamper RTT, Rivian Cross Bars, Road Shower, Awning, Forklift Bike Mount

    Hey all - I am re-doing my Overlanding setup, already got my Overland Ruff Rax roof rack and will be getting my pop top camper shell the first week of April so won’t be able to use most of this anymore, basically a full setup. IKamper X-Cover 2.0 Mini (Link) IKamper Custom Air Mattress sleep...
  2. jjswan33

    [Barron’s] Rivian Stock Is Trading Terribly. Wall Street Thinks It’s Time for an Activist.

    Apple News Link: https://stocks.apple.com/Aef-MUS5dQcWKcGm2TpX8-Q Full Text: R ivian Automotive stock has been trading far worse than most of its peers. Sales and products aren’t the problem. It’s spending. The company needs a plan to control cash and improve investor sentiment. Wall Street...
  3. jjswan33

    Service Experience 7th (?) edition - Broken Subframe!

    I have my truck in Tualatin service center (Portland) for what I thought was routine issues, I had been putting a lot of these issues off because long wait times at Bellevue and convenience of taking my truck 3 hours to service. List of issues: - Recall - Driver Seat Calibration - Wheel...
  4. jjswan33

    [Electrek] Tesla walks away from public funding for Superchargers because of payment system integration

    https://electrek.co/2023/03/14/tesla-walks-away-public-funding-superchargers-payment-system-integration/ My take is this probably means a slower roll out of open Tesla Superchargers. Integrating a payment system would likely be a big hassle.
  5. jjswan33

    2 new analyst notes on RIVN. Both BUY

    Was reading these two new calls from analysts on RIVN. Both are a BUY with a PT of $35 and $40 respectively. The Mizuho analysts makes a pretty bull case and I believe if RIVN can actually deliver on positive gross margins in 2024 things should easily hit that target...
  6. jjswan33

    Lightship Electric RV Trailer: travel trailer with solar panels and a self-propulsion system

    Saw this today on Elektrek. Not really my cup of tea but I thought others would be interested, very cool. https://electrek.co/2023/03/08/lightship-unveils-l1-electric-rv-trailer-maintaining-full-range-ev-towing/
  7. jjswan33

    Snowboarding trip, maximizing the gear tunnel!

    Getting ready for the weekend I decided to see what I could get into the gear tunnel. I ended up with: - Traction boards - 2 Splitboards - 2 Resort boards - 1 Pair resort boots - 1 Pair backcountry boots Not a bad use of space, i’ll be ready for whatever the mountains throw at me this...
  8. jjswan33

    The new EA units work in the cold after all!

    Thought I would post this for even coverage. I know you all are going to wine and quip about how terrible EA is but I’m not going to engage as that argument is pointless. As discussed in detail here...
  9. jjswan33

    Who’s planning a trip through MT/SD along I90 next summer?

    As an Oregonian with family in Wisconsin I am constantly watching charging status along I90 because it would make the trip considerably shorter. So exciting news on this front, maybe it’s possible by summer time??? New EA station just opened in Billings, MT. Looks like one will open at the...
  10. jjswan33

    Portland to Eastern OR and the Elkorn Mountains in my R1T

    I took my Rivian to eastern OR over the MLK holiday weekend. Late week rain and questionable mountain conditions sent me east to enjoy colder weather and light fluffy snow in the Elkorn Mountains, Anthony Lakes area. Departed the Portland area mid afternoon Friday. Starting SOC ~100%. 20" AT...
  11. jjswan33

    PDX folks - Is this your truck?

    Hey all. My buddy sent me this photo. If it’s your truck you might want to inspect the underbody.
  12. jjswan33

    New RAN station in Montrose, CO

    I see a new RAN station on the Rivian app in Montrose, CO. Who is in the area that wants to go check it out.
  13. jjswan33

    Article: New battery tech demonstrates 800 mile range in a Tesla.

    https://apple.news/Aj9HQMN7LS1uqCDreA50ejQ Apple News link, Slash Gear article. Very cool tech, who is ready to squeeze 250kW of battery in a Rivian.
  14. jjswan33

    R1T Exterior Storage Access Buttons Stopped working

    So I got home from shredding some powder on Mt Hood yesterday. When I finished unloading my boards from the bed I went to close the tonneau cover. It came within 4 inches of closing and stopped after which none of the exterior storage access buttons work anymore. Included buttons that are no...
  15. jjswan33

    Rivian EDV Test Drive Video: "Driving Amazon’s Electric Delivery Vehicle"

    Amazon driver showcases his experience doing a route in the EDV for the first time. I found it interesting, very familiar to driving a R1T for the most part but with some use case specific adaptations.
  16. jjswan33

    Overland RuffRax - Roof Rack & Bed Rack

    Edit: I purchased the roof rack and 2 sets of extra mounts. Problem one occurred when my package arrived and only 1 set of extra mounts was included ($400). I called him and he said it was his mistake and he would make it right, now 3 weeks later he has not and he is not taking my calls or...
  17. jjswan33

    Hood River EA Station… Upgrade Underway!

    Looks like the station is offline for an upgrade. 👍
  18. jjswan33

    Canopy Mounting Strategy for the R1T?

    Hey All. Looking for thoughts ideas on mounting a canopy to the R1T bed. I know there have been multiple discussions on mounting a cab height bed rack and some of those strategies might be applicable but looking for help from the hive mind and to formulate a good strategy. So looking into the...
  19. jjswan33

    Rivimon - Can you collect them all.. RAN stations

    So after my trip last week into California I have officially charged at all of the RAN stations currently in operation, Rivian needs to make this harder ;) Salida - 7/29 Barstow and Inyokern - 11/3 Inyokern, Bishop - 11/4 Ukiah, Fortuna - 11/6 Love the Rivian chargers, always fast and always...
  20. jjswan33

    The cold weather camping experiement.

    The setup. I was in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I was in San Diego earlier and went through Barstow and Inyokern to charge at the RAN stations. Went up into the mountains to camp. Arrived around 7:00pm temp was around 32F at this time. I had 49% SOC or 135 miles Dipped down to the low 20s...