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  1. Ran my Rivian R1T against Tesla Model 3 Performance at the drag strip!

    For sure. Definitely had a traction/tire advantage. Surprised it was even as close as it was tbh.
  2. Ran my Rivian R1T against Tesla Model 3 Performance at the drag strip!

    OP is on 20s as well. If he were on the sport 22s would likely be a different story atleast from the start. Tesla should be playing catch up pretty much the entire run till the Rivian tops out.
  3. E-mail from Rivian 9/30 announcing Key Band delivery

    Hope they make these optional for all trim levels at some point through the gear shop. I actually would like to have this. Just incase my phone does or breaks or something. Easier to have a wristband on than it is to carry around the fob.
  4. Guide Contacted: R1S Ocean Coast | OCT/DEC | Confirm your Config email at 12am Oct 1st

    Just wish there was some sort of rhyme or reason to rivian’s timelines… hard to make financial planning decisions when they make their choices so randomly… ~frustrated may 2019 preorder holder… R1S white exterior/ocean cost interior/black sport 22s.
  5. With temperatures dropping is anyone else already noticing range losses?

    Interestingly, I’ve been getting significantly better mileage the past week lol. Guess that’s perks of texas “cold” weather being in the 60s-80s. Hit my peak miles/per kWh last night on the way home from the football game.
  6. Blacked out debadged Midnight R1T

    Time to tint the headlights/twilights and light bars now. Looking good!
  7. R1S Delivery Question For Those Who Ordered in 2021

    Don’t waste any thought or energy trying to understand rivians plan lol… I proeordered my R1S may 2019 and still have no estimated delivery window beyond 1H2023. I ordered my R1T the same day and I got it in June. I love 15 minutes from one of the major service centers too so the theory that...
  8. R1S batching info from guide: another large batch being pushed out early October

    May 2019 preorder here as well. White, ocean coast interior, 22” black wheels configuration. Ordered the same day as my R1T which I received in June due to a shop selection after being invited there. I would like to see them offer a shop for the R1S as well. So far was just told first half of...
  9. Rivian 1500w 110v (120v) outlet output not enough? My solution…..

    I was looking at doing a pretty big system. The intent was to be able to run the main components of my house in the event of an extended power outage or hurricane. It would be cool to be able to toss a couple battery packs in the gear tunnel as well for 10-20 miles of charge or so in the event...
  10. Windshield cracks & chips. Better replacement windshield in aftermarket?

    This is a growing concern for me too… in houston, highway nuggets fly off every lifted truck with aggressive tires that’s never left pavement on the highway every day. For 5 years with my last vehicle I prolly took a rock every month and only once did it actually chip the glass. I’ve had my...
  11. They hit me in my driveway resulting in $21,195.95 repair bill

    This thread makes me infinitely more nervous to get a quote for my little bump…. In a very similar area except mine tapped the tailgate too
  12. Rivian 1500w 110v (120v) outlet output not enough? My solution…..

    How does the eco flow compare to the bluetti? I came very close to pulling the trigger on a bluetti setup recently to use for home backup in the event of hurricanes knocking out power and liked the idea that it could be solar charged and was portable as well so could bring a couple with me on a...
  13. 2022 Rivian R1S For Sale - (Yes, an R1S!)

    Speaking of that one…. The build looks very very similar to this one lol. Odds of that buyer being a flipper thinking they could swap wheels and make more?
  14. TWRAPS Light Smoke Headlight // DIY Install

    Great question. And the answer is NOT AT ALL. Lol these lights are bright as hell. Here’s some photos with the lights on before and after for comparisons.
  15. Suspension squeaks. A little birdie told me...

    I have something like this going on with mine too. Only happens when I’m stopping or taking off. Annoys the hell outta me. Feels like I’m rolling up in some 50 year old jalopy at every stop sign… really wish rivian would just pro-actively start repairing the things they know are wrong rather...
  16. Rivian Touch Up Paint Pen now on gear shop

    Well I tried to buy one… but when the receipt came through it says the wrong damn color… lol chose el cap granite and receipt shows canyon red.. tried to start chat to fix it. Apparently I’m not the only one reaching out with issues…
  17. Extremely Picky Owner Reviews R1T @ 699 Miles

    Awesome write up. Ambient lighting is awesome. On all doors and really good looking imo. I think I was over 1200 miles in before I realized it was there and turned it on lol. Sunglasses holders infront of each seat. Reach behind your knees and two fold out spots (I can fit 2 pair in each side)
  18. Houston Third Meet Up Saturday Sept 24th-Guests from Lone Star Rivian Riders and Gulf Coast Auto Shield

    Glad I’m not the only one lol. It’s a blessing and a curse. So many friends wanna take a ride but can only take one at a time since the backseat been taken over by toddlers.
  19. Houston Third Meet Up Saturday Sept 24th-Guests from Lone Star Rivian Riders and Gulf Coast Auto Shield

    Thanks so much for the tag! 9am is perfect for me if this is on a Sunday. Super excited to meet fellow Rivian owners here in the houston area! Edit: just saw the title a Saturday lol. Sadly I’d have to leave at 9 to get to work by 10 :( let me see if I can’t get someone to cover first half of...
  20. Houston pick up experience, GPS not recognizing my physical house, A/C condensate in garage, charging schedule issue

    I had similar issues with my “at home” charging schedule. As stupid as this may sound. Turn off the scheduler, make sure it’s set to everyday, and turn it back on and give it a shot. Mine went from telling me it was paused because away from home to working with about 30 seconds of button...