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  1. av8or

    Ineos Grenadier drive event

    Hmmm…………I’m trying to like it………..I do like the old school looks, but it seems like they invented something that was invented years ago and has pretty much run it’s course. Not sure theres a big demand or need for a new solid axle old school 4x4 that cost that much (but right now everything cost...
  2. av8or

    What kind of loaner rentals have you gotten?

    At first I was told I would have a Rivian loaner, then told it would be an EV (Polestar) from enterprise, then I got a Chrysler minivan with 35k, it felt like it might fall over in the corners, and it seemed like something from the 90s or early 2000s. It was a 2021!
  3. av8or

    Someone help me out on this - can't adjust ride height with cruise engaged?

    This seems like it would be a reason why they wouldn’t want my foot on the pedal when changing drive modes at freeway speeds. It seems like software would manage any torque change better than my foot.
  4. av8or

    Someone help me out on this - can't adjust ride height with cruise engaged?

    It definitely seems backwards to me. Why would Rivian feel it’s better to make me drive while I look at the center screen vs having lane centering and adaptive cruise do that safety stuff while I’m a little distracted?
  5. av8or

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    You might have something out of adjustment. Mine doesn’t do what you’re describing, it has had a couple of random hesitations but never hard braking. I have had it brake unnecessarily for a car making a left turn in front of me.
  6. av8or

    Range Test Towing a nuCamp Tab400

    I get right at 1.2 @ 60mph, it drops to closer to 1.0 @ 65. my guess is with slightly better aero, [email protected] [email protected]
  7. av8or

    Loud AC motor

    Mine is also very loud inside the truck. It’s louder inside than out. I have an appointment next month.
  8. av8or

    Brake pad wear?

    It is interesting that even slight slowing shows regen, but also the peddle moves slightly. I’ve been using adaptive cruise in stop and go traffic, and the way it runs up on other cars and slams on the brakes (the peddle goes down pretty hard) it could use up some brake pad. I wonder if the OP...
  9. av8or

    Brake pad wear?

    This right here! The brake pedal moves up and down a lot when slowing and stopping in my truck. I was surprised to see it and don’t understand why it’s necessary.
  10. av8or

    Show off your dashcam memory card install

    What am I doing wrong? Got all new stuff from recommendations here and my truck doesn’t even recognize that I’ve plugged anything in. When I hit the button to setup drive cam This pops up and then eventually goes away and nothing else. I’ve tried both usbc ports and eliminated the right angle...
  11. av8or

    Charger Handle Locking

    Same. Not a fan either. It should be locked whenever the truck is locked.
  12. av8or

    Diminished real range 14 months in

    What was your hwy speed? I can easily get 250 @ 75mph. and closer to 300 if I keep it 65-70
  13. av8or

    Towing + Efficiency: Please post your experience!

    I did a test yesterday to see if I could pull my 3500 lb. e-pro up over Mt Hood to the RAN in Madras. Bruce @DuckTruck rode along to keep me company and to help with the driving duties. Short answer is easy. Since I didn’t know what the consumption would be with a net gain in elevation of 4,000...
  14. av8or

    Possibly some activity in Portland

    That’s interesting. I’ll swing by tomorrow and see if it’s so.