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  1. johstacy

    Conserve Mode: $125 a month tire cost!

    interesting... I have never used conserve mode charge to 85% normally and that gets me pretty much anywhere I need to go. If it is a long trip I charge to 100% and compensate for my stops. This is my first EV and I thought I would have more Range anxiety but I don't and my average drive is about...
  2. johstacy

    ECRC Day at the Beach

    Here are some photos from the Emerald City Rivian Club day at the beach (today)
  3. johstacy

    is Rivian Style still around

    went to the Rivian Style web site and it seems to be down https://rivianstyle.com/ are they no longer in business?
  4. johstacy

    Stopping the Rivian app from auto starting

    Ok I clicked something in the Rivian app that now when I force the app to shutdown to keep it from unlocking my truck the app is now auto starting. does anyone know how to keep the app from auto starting so that when I kill the app it will not restart until I click the app? I am running an...
  5. johstacy

    Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    Damn.... Like what do you do about lightning... at that point you just call the insurance company and walk away. I could imagen that being something happening more and more with more charging stations and EV's on the roads but you can't blame that on anything but nature and since we can't...
  6. johstacy

    Delivery Estimate Updates Are Out! ⏱️ [as of Jan 31, 2022]

    Maybe not "fake news" but he is being hyperbolic in his presentation and that is probably to get clicks. however when you do that it can be misconstrued as fake news
  7. johstacy

    2023 Look-Ahead with Rivian VP of Manufacturing Operations, Tim Fallon

    Incase you don't troll YouTube Like I do
  8. johstacy

    Amy Mast (Rivian communications director) has left for Ford

    So your saying that Rivian's communication to us is going to improve?
  9. johstacy

    New Rivian App Update! (1.10.0)

    I would love it if they introduced a way for us to create our own automations for the vehicle. Not just heating and stuff like that but like when I set snow mode go turn off lane assist and set the defrost to X temp.... stuff like that
  10. johstacy

    Off-Road day trip w/ Emerald City Rivian Club (ECRC)

    https://s00n.rivianstories.com/spaces/8606715/feed https://www.emeraldcityrivianclub.com/
  11. johstacy

    Rivian ABRP integration working (if you're motivated 🙂)

    I agree really amazing work I was hoping HA would get a Rivian plugin..... I wonder if the charger attached to the account will eventually have data we can pull maybe then we can pivot the data from the charger and the miles driven to automate cost projections and stuff like that
  12. johstacy

    Rivian ABRP integration working (if you're motivated 🙂)

    Probably has the wiring for it just like the Frunk has the 12v wiring for the outlet that they no longer install...
  13. johstacy

    Rivian ABRP integration working (if you're motivated 🙂)

    I probably already know the answer to this but this API is read only we can't send automation commands to it can we?
  14. johstacy

    Rivian ABRP integration working (if you're motivated 🙂)

    Ok this was super easy to setup! It looks like the repository was already in HAC's just had to load it and configure it and now I have 88 data points to play with! Weird it has Tonneau data but I have not Tonneau lol... This is epic thanks!
  15. johstacy

    Off-Road day trip w/ Emerald City Rivian Club (ECRC)

    Today I got to meet up with a bunch of Rivian's with a ton of configurations during the Emerald City Rivian Club Off-Road event. did a quick slide show of the event I think we had a total of 27 Rivian's show up for this.
  16. johstacy

    Aftermarket Rock Sliders options?

    I agree they do but man $1000 more than everyone else and no kick out at the back end....
  17. johstacy

    Tire Rotation Schedule

    If you where ever in the Navy station on a ship it's the same thing as being sent off to get the keys for the seachest (this usually involves waking a officer up in the middle of the night)