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    If you’re taking delivery… hope yours goes as well as ours did!

    Congrats, Rob! I hope the R1S takes you everywhere the LR3 did and more.
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    Bull bars installed on 2 Rivians at Denver Service Center

    My guess is these are mock-ups to test impact to range and visibility at night due to headlight obstructions. I’d had to think any OEM would use this as a permanent mounting solution for a brush guard.
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    Order says Full Size Spare Tire - Do we get it still?

    Rivian removed all accessories, including the spare, from my order several months ago. The truck I am getting includes no spare.
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    My cobbled together budget spare

    My current plan is to get a set of 20” wheels are run AT tires in the same size as my 21” wheel+tire combo, which will become winter tires. One tire from the unused set will become my spare since the OD will match. I really like this idea of the Dodge wheel for temporary use!
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    Shipping time estimates from Normal?

    5/1 got VIN 5/2 got a “Your vehicle is ready to leave the factory” email 5/16 Rivian Insurance Rep suggested my truck shipped the week prior and to expect early June delivery 5/19 got another “Your vehicle is ready to leave the factory” email 5/23 Guide tells me the truck is still in IL, not at...
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    Loan rates?

    Yep, I've seen their name passed around a few different places now: Tesla subreddits, Polestar subreddits, my workplace Slack channel. I was amazed how long they kept their rates as low as they did. My approval went through last week for 3.49% at 48 months, hopefully that truly is locked for 60...
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    New Wheels Launched for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV - R1000 Adventure and R800 Compass

    Aren’t the stock wheels +48mm offset? I’m curious why these are +35mm since they are custom made for the R1 platform. Is there a benefit to the smaller offset? Wouldn’t a 35mm cause scrubbing?
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    I bought 4 more R1Ts today

    I’d forgotten about these. I checked a couple stores during December while out shopping and gave up. This will give me something to do in the evening while I’m on business trips 😂
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    JJ’s Overland R1T Build V2 w/ Pop Top Camper Shell (Oru Designs)

    It’s neat. I’d like to build something similar with a few tweaks to the profile. I look forward to more updates and photos!
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    North Carolina For Sale: Four (4) Rivian 20" All-Terrain wheels with TPMS sensors

    Unfortunately not an aerospace engineer, so I don’t know about the fun hidey holes on the 737.
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    North Carolina For Sale: Four (4) Rivian 20" All-Terrain wheels with TPMS sensors

    Hmm. I’m in Charlotte for work. Will these fit in my carryon?
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    Tire wear condition at 15k miles, 10 months (photos)

    I’ve been wondering if the quad motor isn’t quite as effective at torque vectoring as is needed for maximal tire wear. Open differentials allow each wheel to rotate at precisely the required speed to execute smooth turns, with each wheel traveling in a slightly different arc and therefore...
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    Ford announces 'Project T3' next-gen electric truck and BlueOval City

    I wouldn’t expect any specs until late 2024 or even mid-2025, depending on when production starts.
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    4 hr trip for a "first mile" - is it worth it WA to OR

    The drives are invitation only. You will probably get an invite before you receive a guide, but you cannot set one up yourself.
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    4 hr trip for a "first mile" - is it worth it WA to OR

    The R1S is available for first drives in Portland, but it’s in higher demand so you have to schedule it out further, especially on weekends. My Seattle first drive got canceled a few days ahead of its planned date, and they never gave me a reason. A few months later my guide confirmed it was...
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    Rivian R2 Crossover SUV Conjecture and Renderings (Carscoops)

    From Wikipedia: For example, Ford, which was one of the main beneficiaries of the tax, also evaded it by manufacturing first-generation Transit Connectlight trucks for the US market in Turkey; these Transits were fitted-out as passenger vehicles, which allowed Ford to evade the Chicken tax when...
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    Forget overland racks, a basket is all you need!

    I’ve got l an ARB half-rack I plan to do the same thing with. I’d like to design some mounting rails with struts so I can lift it up to access the bed more easily.
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    Treasury Updates Vehicle Classification Standard for Clean Vehicle Tax Credits Under Inflation Reduction Act

    I may just squeak in the limit since it is based on MAGI. Ironically, my family was well under this limit when we put in our reservation two years ago.
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    Rivian R2 Crossover SUV Conjecture and Renderings (Carscoops)

    Those “seats” were factory installed so the truck would be classified as a passenger vehicle to subvert the “chicken tax” imposed on imported trucks. A couple other brands did this too and once the trucks were imported they would remove the seats.