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  1. ORFynder

    Rivian reports narrower-than-expected quarterly loss, reaffirms 50k EV production target

    https://www.cnbc.com/2023/05/09/rivian-rivn-earnings-q1-2023.html KEY POINTS Electric vehicle maker Rivian Automotive on Tuesday reported a first-quarter loss that was narrower than expected. It said it’s still on track to meet a 50,000-vehicle production target for 2023. Rivian has been...
  2. ORFynder

    Got Rear ended and asking for insurance advice

    Hi All, Unfortunately I got rear ended by a 4runner and looks like the tailgate and bumper is damaged. All sensors work and going thru their insurance since it was the other driver's fault. Question: They have Geico Insurance and from what they told me they will not report it to the DMV or...
  3. ORFynder

    MKBHD Interview: Rivian CEO Scaringe Talks R1S and Future of Rivian (R2, Wireless Charging Pad, Camp Kitchen Update, Etc.)

    Podcast links: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkcy5mZWVkYnVybmVyLmNvbS9XYXZlZm9ybVdpdGhNa2JoZA/episode/YTQwMzNhNWEtMzRmYS0xMWVkLTlkMjYtNmZlOTBkZjY3NDhk?ep=14 Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast -Rivian addressing the wireless charging pad -Confirmed updating Camp Kitchen -R2 Comments
  4. ORFynder

    Poll: Central Oregon R1's Interest in Pop Up Service for Latest Recall

    Hi All, I'm trying to gage interest in coordinating a Pop up event in Central Oregon with Rivian Mobile Service to address the latest recalll involving the front passenger seatbelt. Having a potential popup will help the workload of our local Mobil Tech. Please only vote if you received a...
  5. ORFynder

    I've given in... placed another reservation (for conversion to R2 someday)

    Just placed another resy for a Rivian Since there is no R2 reservation just yet, hope they can move my reservation when the time comes against an R2. Go Burrds!🦅
  6. ORFynder

    Year End Push- Bend, OR

    Congrats to all the folks getting their R1s this week. I believe there are going to be around 10 R1s being delivered in Bend, OR today and tomorrow. Shoutout to the PDX team as they continue to hustle over the mountain pass to deliver those vehicles.
  7. ORFynder

    Rivian Guide Appreciation

    Just an appreciation post for the Rivian Guides that have worked to fulfill our orders or in the process of delivering our R1s. I had the privilege to meet a number of guides and I have seen first hand how much they are doing to get as many people in their R1s. I know not everyone has had an...
  8. ORFynder

    From designing Rivian's brand to Type 1 diabetes -- by Larry Parker, former Rivian Executive Creative Director

    Wanted to share a great Read from Larry Parker, the former Rivian Executive Creative Director. I had the chance to meet connect with Larry and recently met him in person. Such an amazing person and was critical in creating the Rivian Brand. For me, it's people like him that makes me such a...
  9. ORFynder

    Grateful and Adventurous Forever For Meeting Amazing Rivian Folks the Last Two Weeks

    Hi All, Was extremely fortunate to meet some amazing Rivian folks the last two weeks. I love everything Rivian stands for and wanted to thank as many people that have contributed to brining the brand to life. The days leading to my R1T Delivery (6/25/22), I wanted to do something special to...
  10. ORFynder

    Central Oregon Recommended Shops for Modifications

    Hi All, Just wanted to share some Central Oregon reccomendations for people that might be interested in getting some work done on their Rivian PPF/Ceramic Coating: Perfection Plus, Redmond, OR Window Tint: SoundFast, Bend, OR Powdercoating: NW Wheel & Tire I think these are top notch...
  11. ORFynder

    Gone: Precut Rocker Panel PPF: Free to a good home (Central OR)

    Hi All, have two Rocker Panel PPF(for each side of the truck) for anyone that wants it. Located in Bend, OR, but willing to ship to anyone who wants to pay for shipping. The PPF is from 3M Scotchgard as I ordered it from invisible mask
  12. ORFynder

    Pacific Power offering $1,000 rebates for installing electric vehicle chargers

    Pacific Power offering $1,000 rebates for installing electric vehicle chargers Pilot program that just started today. Planning ask Rivian if they can submit their branded charger to be a part of this rebate
  13. ORFynder

    Rivian superfans awaiting vehicle delivery resort to drones, stakeouts and surveillance