1. rancur

    Ultimate Rivian R1T Camping & Offroading Setup: Overland Ruff Rax, Rigid Lights, Garmin Power + More

    Hey yall! Shout out to @WattTruckMatt for inspiring a lot of this and giving us so much helpful info. Wanted to return the favor and make a video detailing the process for doing 12v on the R1T and installing a roof and bed rack. 🛍️ Products I Used: Overland Ruff Rax -...
  2. Mister Person

    UPDATED RANT: Rivian Service Centers are a poorly managed drain on the company

    I have a cold and feel grouchy. Rivian Service Centers waste precious capital and customer goodwill. They rent vehicles for customers when their R1s are in the shop for way too long, and they are inefficient and communicate poorly leading to customer aggravation and burnout. Took my R1S in to...
  3. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    Just took my R1s adventure delivery this past Friday with vin number 51XX and there is not a 12V plug underneath the dash. The only one I found is at the back by the air compressor. WTH. I need one for the radar detector in front !