1. Honk to record dash cam not working

    Anyone seeing issues with the honk to record dash cam? The functionality worked for a few days worked for a few days and was a nice way to record events has they occurred, but it suddenly stop working, checked the setting and unplugged and replugged the drive no change.
  2. citizen

    Front + rear dashcam installed via mirror tap (DIY tutorial)

    Due to insurance scammers, terrible drivers (captured via my FIL's car the week after they took delivery), and criminals driving recklessly leaving a crime scene (was hit while waiting at a light in San Francisco), I've always been a stickler about having dashcams installed when driving...
  3. Southern R1S

    Alabama [Selling] Samsung T7 Shield SSD - 1TB (for Drive Cam) - $80 shipped (Sealed w/ 3-year Warranty)

    Selling a brand new, factory sealed Samsung T7 Shield 1TB SSD (Gen 2 - newest version). This model is IP65 rated (for water and water resistance). Drive is plug & play for the built-in Dash Cam feature & includes the USB-C cable in the box. Here's a link to the exact item from Best Buy if you...
  4. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    Just took my R1s adventure delivery this past Friday with vin number 51XX and there is not a 12V plug underneath the dash. The only one I found is at the back by the air compressor. WTH. I need one for the radar detector in front !
  5. dotlinetriangle

    Dash cam options?

    Until we get official dash cam options from Rivian, I think it’s a good idea to mount a DC-powered one. At least it’s pretty easy to run the cable down to the bottom center DC port as shown here, but can anyone test whether the port is switched when the truck is off? I want to avoid contributing...