1. Living With The Chevy Silverado EV For (Almost) A Week

    TL;DR: The Chevy Silverado EV is a great choice for anyone who needs all of the range for an electric pickup truck and doesn’t mind a vehicle that’s a bit rough around the edges and not much to look at. The Long Version Two weeks ago, I had a chance to spend 6 days living with the Chevy...
  2. sirna7

    To Lease or Not to Lease the Current R1S Quad Motor - Your Inputs Needed!

    Hi Rivian Community, I'm reaching out for your expertise as my family and I are on the fence about leasing a new R1S Quad Motor. We're expecting our second child in August, and with a large Goldendoodle, we need a spacious 3-row SUV. I've just started looking into this about a week ago and am...
  3. DJTeePee

    New R1S owner 1st mod - headlight halos

    Less than two weeks, owner, and so far, I'm loving the R1S. I Made a slight mod to the stadium lights.
  4. R1S - get it now or wait for refresh?

    I’m a 2021 reservation holder with reduced pricing voucher, with the current leasing deals n full stealth package option I decided to take the plunge. I found a Quad Motor R1S that exactly matched my configuration and reserved it. It’s a great deal. Now, I keep hearing the chatter about R1...
  5. Fruble

    Rivian R1S Camper Kit / Camp Kitchen System by Fruble

    Hey Rivian adventurers! It's Jimmy from Fruble. I'm so excited to share with you the new camping system we're introducing today for the Rivian R1S! One year ago, we launched the complete Tesla Camper Kit for the Model Y because we couldn't find any traditional camp kitchens on the market that...
  6. [Question] Planning a trip to Big Bear, CA and wanting to take Robin (my R1S) offroading. Looking for recomendations.

    Hey all I hope you all are doing well, I am planning a trip to Big Bear CA, and want to take my R1S off roading. I should preface the by saying I have never been offroading before, and currently running the road tires, I am however going to be getting the ATs from Rivian. I would greatly...
  7. Tesla to Rivian?

    Hello! I’m an EV owner since 2016, on my third Tesla (a Model X Plaid) and now thinking of switching to the R1S. The switch is primarily driven by the early Rivian reservation (pricing voucher), current leasing deals and my move from Canada to the US. I’m looking for some feedback on Rivian and...
  8. ChargeSetGo

    Cat camping, charging with TT-30 adapter and R1S powered cooking

    Hi all, Thought I'd share our recent trip to test out: Charging with a TT-30 / 14-50 adapter Using power from the R1S for cooking Taking our cat on a short trip Happy to say that all went very well! Some details first: 2024 R1S Dual Motor Large Pack 21" Start range/%: 75% End rage/%: Forgot...
  9. ChiefBushWookie

    Out of Spec seemingly confirms R1 refresh in about a month

    Video is about his R2 experience. However, at minute 24:52 in the video, Kyle mentions that the R1 refresh is coming in about a month with OOS videos being posted in a few weeks. Really excited to see the updates. Even if they are minor.
  10. Roger3

    Michigan 2023 R1S Launch Edition/Glacier White/Ocean Coast/22” Sport Brights/9k miles - $76,999

    Rivian employee for the past 4 years selling my personal R1S. What makes this one special is that I personally worked alongside a technician at my local Rivian Service Center who specialized in addressing squeaks and rattles for other high end luxury brands. Countermeasures were put in place to...
  11. Canada R1S Pre-Order Spot - Canada (Toronto)

    Hi - I am looking to sell my pre-order spot for an R1S, which currently represents a discount of nearly $40K CDN. The R1S is now being delivered in Canada, but I won't be able to take delivery as I'm relocating to a different country for work. Message me with any questions. Thanks.
  12. Our R1S RMaxx Rock Sliders DIY Install Project

    Sharing our awesome weekend project; Installation of the RMaxx Running Boards and Sliders. It was a great project to do with my son. First side, took a while to figure out all the bolt positions, double checking, watching video on repeat, etc. Ha. But once you do one side, the other side is...
  13. Colorado Sold: 2023 R1S $80K, Quad Motor, Compass Yellow, 12,100 mi. Colorado

    Quad Motor, Adventure package, 20” wheels, A/T tires, Kevlar underbody armor Full Ceramic coat inside and out ($2300), new set of Blizzak snow tires ($1,800) After market Mag safe charging shelf Full bed and seat back nylon liner (ready to install) I love this truck, but my daughter was...
  14. Conserve mode not linked mileage to Maps

    I was in a situation yesterday where I had to flip to Conserve mode to get home but noticed that the maps does not calculate based on the extended range - it remained with the mileage as though I was in Standard. So the car kept on warning me about having limited charging locations and...
  15. NetworkM

    Oklahoma City R1S

    Anyone own a Rivian R1S in the Oklahoma City area? And if so would anyone be interested in showing an R1S to me and my wife and possibly a test drive. We are heavily considering Rivian as our first EV but the closest test center is in Dallas. Thanks!!
  16. rivs505

    Michigan For sale: 2023 Rivian R1S Adventure Edition with 21 inch wheels + Bonus 20 inch wheels

    This immaculate 2023 Rivian R1S Adventure Edition boasts only 3,700 miles and is practically new! It's meticulously maintained and completely scratch-free, ensuring a stunning appearance that matches its impressive capabilities. Unleash the Power of Exploration: Quad motors: Experience...
  17. R1TAPRAK

    MargaR1Ta Reporting for Duty 🫡🙋‍♀️😂

    Wanted to introduce my forum friends to R1Ta. She came to me from a Rivian employee as an early vin originally acquired through their employee ownership program. Gently used and clearly loved it was time for R1Ta to join me for her next, and dare I say real, adventure. Coming from a young...
  18. R1S_Northeast

    A rattle in Large Speaker area in front of R1S

    About a week ago a rattle started in our R1S (delivered in December). Mostly occurs when going over road bumps but occasionally the slightest road imperfection. It sounds like it’s coming from the large speaker cover in front of the Driver and Passenger (specifically in the area closest to the...
  19. Rivian at the Toronto Auto Show

    Just to note, Rivian has both an R1T and R1S on display in the North Building of the Convention Centre. It's on the lower level. They are open to the public to look over and sit in. One thing to note: is headroom limited when getting into the rear seats? I seemed to have some trouble knocking...
  20. ARMadventures

    Michigan Sold: 2022 R1S Launch Edition For Sale - Glacier White

    2022 R1S Launch Edition - Glacier White 22k miles, non smoker, CLEAN! Everything works as expected, and no issues. message if interested. $78,950.00